DermaProfil®  is a company focused on searching in the world's leading manufacturers of unique, specialized  preparations and dermatological drugs, and then putting them on the Polish market, providing partners comprehensive services for project , while maintaining the highest quality standards, registration, logistics, distribution and marketing communication.

So far, after a detailed analysis of  needs of the Polish pharmaceutical market, we have taken the patronage of three brands:    

  • CutisHelp specialized line of oil-based preparations of hemp (Parenteral)    
  • Oliprox  and Acnaid  (Boderm  product lines, developed in the framework of an international Boderm Europe association of manufacturers and distributors of the EU, which DermaProfil Sp. Ltd. is a member).


DermaProfil ® is a new, rapidly growing, dermatological company, created as a culmination of many years of work, experience and efforts of its founders and executives. Our goal is to promote on the Polish market dermatological products of certain vendors, which, through its special composition and unique formula improves the health and quality of life of our customers.

Now we operate on three broad markets:

"We choose what is best" is the credo that has always guides our work.

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